i’m not sure if you still use this account, but i just wanted to tell you that coffee beans gave me a strong sense of warmth and comfort and i’ve never felt so warm while reading a fanfic in my life! i can’t wait to read it again over a few cups of coffee! thanks again you lovely author! xoxo




I've read How She Trusts on quotev and I have to say I LOVE IT!!!!!


I love your "Coffee Beans" book!!! It's so interesting and so cute!!! I hope that you have a good time writing your books! >_<
          I checked the previous convos, sad to hear that your old account was deleted, hope that you push through!!!


Sad to hear that both your Quotev and Wattpad accounts were deleted, but I'm real glad that you're back! I hope you can regain the views and votes you previously had and more. Anyway, I'm just here to give you a warm welcome back c: 


Thank you! It'll take some time but hopefully everything can get back to how it was.