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"Hey! I'm martin but please call me Zane" he pushes up his glasses "well I see you've found my account!" He smiled "yep this is me I'm just a smol innocent bean" he said softly with a giggle "here's some things I like!" He hands you a list.

Things I like

-being GAYYY!!!!
-my family
-my friends
- *cough* smut *cough*
-my ukulele
-Panic At The Disco
-Shane Dawson
-Sister James Charles

(Favorite Overwatch character/s)

(Harry Potter house)

"And things I don't like are!"

-being alone
-homophobic people
-being hurt (emotionally)
-being hurt (physically)
-my brother
-being rejected to hangout with friends

"And those are some things about me! Hope you like my account!" Smiles and walks away

Totally not in league of the evils
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