hey everyone!! before you all freak out because i still haven't updated,  THERES AN UPDATE ON ITS WAY VERY SOON!
          	however, while i'm working on that, please pretty please follow me on twitter: twitter.com/pialikesfood
          	THIS TWITTER IS FOR WATTPAD PURPOSES ONLY. i'll be posting chapter previews (ooooh) as well as some of the banners and covers you guys have made me (oooooh) and replying to your tweets! i do also follow back so please check it out :-) thank you x


@pialikesfood i think you should be done by now :c


@pialikesfood the update might never happen i stg


@pialikesfood when are ya updating?


After some internet sleuthing, I am inclined to believe that she is living her best life working for a company that I will not name. I don't think she plans to ever come back to Wattpad unfortunately. She's got an adult job doing adult things.


Damn I randomly downloaded wattpad again after years and saw Cupcake Kisses and wondered if it was finally completed but it isn’t :( 
            Honestly speaking, I don’t remember much of the storyline but I remember I loved it and wanted to finish reading it


Dear author,I am in love with cupcake kisses and have been dying to read more . I have reread the 24 pts more than thrice. Please update . I love your story sooo much and want more of it. Please ,please, pretty please


Hey this might sound weird, but does anyone remember the book Love, Sydney or Peyton? It was about this girl falling in love with her older sister’s (Reese) friend Lincoln, after she comes home to find that her two best friends started dating without her knowledge. Anyway, if you do know this book was pialikedfood the author, and did she delete it?


Does anyone by chance know this Author in real life? How have theyve ebeen doing? I scroll my book shelf and see cupcake kisses. My heart remembeting how good it is and also sadden for it's uncompleted. 
          I hope you've been doing well darling, regardless if youve tune into this app anymore. I hope you've been taking care of yourself! 
            Hopefully we get to see you once more, even if it's to say goodbye. 
               Take care