E here! My primary home for my RPF has been Tumblr (@permanentcross). It's still where I prefer to post for the blogging atmosphere, but after a long battle with plagiarism (hello, Wattpad ;)) and real life struggles, I've made the decision to post my writing here to beat people to the punch on sharing it without my permission. Pop on over to Tumblr to say hi and learn more about what else I do, if you're so inclined! Thanks for reading. xx
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Blurred Lines // h.s. by permanentcross
Blurred Lines // h.s.
"You've worn makeup plenty," you said. "Haven't they ever taken it off you before?" "...
Better Now Than Later // h.s. by permanentcross
Better Now Than Later // h.s.
In which he begs you not to marry the man waiting for you at the end of the aisle -- but better now than late...
Secret // h.s. by permanentcross
Secret // h.s.
But nobody'd warned him about what it would be like for him to be kept in the dark, and he was beginning to l...