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@parasoleil  i wanna be cute so i can say yes YAGDAGAYG


@parasoleil do it no ones stopping you ;)


@parasoleil its too late i already bought the ring


Hiii... I just wanted to say i just finished play for me...... It was really good it kept me on my heels.. It was so predictable and not so predictable at the same time the plot was well written the flash backs everything was so beautiful that it made me cry.... Good work Author chan
          Can u please do 18+ Alice in boderland Chisiya x reader....would very much love to read that


Hello Author-chan ❤️
          I just finished reading your book 'The Students Council'  And i'm head over heels in love with it ✨ It was so well-written, loved every details  of it  Thank you so much for that masterpiece  You truly are one hell of a writer ✨ I'm rooting for ya  Goodluck on your new journey! 


Ah at last, I completed reading one of your works which is 'The student council'.. well, I actually found your WPL first but I can't finish it yet bcs that book scares me with it tons of smexy hAHaH I'm sorry tho. But author-san, did you enjoy manipulating the readers in the Student Council? aa, I have to ask that because you succeeded in building roller coaster of emotions in me and also the others I believe.. You wrote such a masterpiece ( ˘ ³˘), I'm in love with how the plot had been clarified. You did such an extraordinary work in making the story so enticing that I can't stop reading it even if I'm urging myself to drop it within each chapter  ( ̄3 ̄)/C□ .. and of course, I will read your other stories hahah but mybe after I treat my brain damage ^.~ . Oh yea, get well soon author-san! Take care and luv you lots <333 Thank you for the outstanding works!!!




sukuna ryomen
          - god at mathematics and history 
          - drives a motorcycle 
          - used to be on the football/basketball team but got kicked out for missing too many practices 
          - drinks tea religiously 
          - has like 0 friends but is highly intimidated (and also respected, weirdly)
          gojo satoru 
          - typical jock and heartbreaker
          - hates literature 
          - gives off “I have dated every girl in the school” vibes but in reality has only dated like one
          - will drink the school’s orange juice frozen 
          - popular and would use that to his advantage 
          zenin toji 
          - lazy af and ditches half his classes but literally passes every test flawlessly 
          - everyone thinks he’s poor but his family name itself is golden 
          - just wants to graduate so he can move out 
          - bubble tea enthusiast (secretly ofc)
          - will trample you in gym if in the way 
          geto suguru 
          - chemistry master 
          - looks athletic, actually hates getting tired 
          - all the younger year girls give him presents in the morning 
          - hates geography for no reason 
          - wants to pull of an all nighter one day 
          (l/n) (f/n)
          - sweetest girl alive
          - president of social club 
          - enjoys debating/arguing 
          - claims everyone is her friend
          - only takes notes with pens that click 








After rereading my Gojo X Reader fanfic, I have realized that there is one thing that I was missing. For weeks, I didn't know what was wrong with my fanfic, which is why I asked for suggestions for the rest of the book, but even after taking those in, I still felt like something was wrong. I couldn't understand, until today, at 10:43 AM, on the 22nd of August, something clicked.
          I never even began to outline a development in Gojo Satoru... I didn't give him any internal conflicts or issues to begin with... I DIDN'T ADD THAT SPICY SPICY YKYK?
          What I mean is that I just made Gojo seem like this really cool dude who is like, "omg i got this girl pregnant, i guess i gotta marry her"!
          BECAUSE let's be honest guys, we all know Gojo Satoru is a fvckboy in the fanfic eyes. He also is human, and I want to treat him like any other human who just found out that they got a girl pregnant. I realized my mistake with rushing him into accepting this and asking (Y/N) to be his girlfriend. 
          BUT THAT IS WHY I AM REWRITING THIS BOOK NOW (which isn't that much tbh since now I have an idea of what I am going to do)
          I'm going to be adding more things on Gojo's personal life and how it will affect his life now with (Y/N). He will get the responsibility of being a father, but he can't change within a day. It takes time for something like this to happen, especially when he's just finding out when she is now one or two months pregnant now.
          IN SHORT, I am unhappy with what I had written in the past, and I am redoing it now.
          FURTHERMORE, my obsession with Tokyo Revengers gets stronger and stronger each day-- my ideas for Tokyo Revengers was to start off with a one-shots kind of thing.
          Y'all know I love writing about gang fanfics, and Tokyo Revengers is a gang anime... if y'all could just... suggest something... that'd be... so great<3
          (I really like Smiley... I like how he is almost always seen smiling...)


@parasoleil All the best for what you plan on doing, you have all our support and we'll be waiting for the book , thank you for your hardwork:)


And yes, I know that I said I wouldn't make Gojo a fvckboy, but I need to show WHY he can't be a fvckboy-- I need him to have a realization on why he can't do what he did before-- I need to give him this feeling of taking on a new responsibility. It's this beautiful thing in a fanfic that I am trying to not ruin.