Hello my lovelies, I hope all of you are doing well and are keeping safe with all that is going on. 
          	I have posted another story, and it’s actually an idea that I’ve been mulling over for years, because I love the genre. It is not like my other books, it is a dark, mature book. It is not intended to be a romance, personally I find it to be more of a dark unrequited obsession but I guess everyone sees love differently. 
          	I have yet to update Unwillingly Yours, and I know it’s been really long and I have no excuses except that I have just been unable to write that book. Hopefully I will soon be continuing it. I promise I will not abandon this new book. 
          	I love you all, stay home and take care of yourselves. 


@palepinkferriswheel But there is going to be some love, right? Or she is going to hate Onyx forever? Please tell.


@palepinkferriswheel I love all of your stories. They are amazing!!


Hey I read 'Meum Miraculum' and its awesome, also can you please please PLEASEEEEE do few bonus chapters with Eros because he is jst ADORABLE and he comes out like 2 times in the book
          Plz plz PLZ if u can plz try to do it
          Thank you


Assalam O Alikum...I just complete reading you book "The Beast"; and I can't help myself but just wanted you to know that this story is added in one of my favourities as it is simple yet beautifully composed❤... I'm TOTALLY & DEEPLY in love with the character of Xavier: as he's the world's every single romantic girl's dream lover
          Lots of love,


Heyy i just wanted to say you are a talented writer
          Your books are amazing...the fact that they can cause such real emotionjust wow amazing
          Thank you for sharing your gift with us
          Love all the way from Zimbabwe


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Bish wtf??!! 'takkng what is his'??!! I am gonna the shit out of it so keep updating!!☺


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I just read 'The Beast ' and bitvh u made me cry...such a fucking amazing book!! ur characters cuz i kinda relate ...its so realistic and jus WOW...


I come everyday on Wattpad to check if you updated!  Really interested to read more about the new story keep going❤️