Guys please check out this story written by me. It'd mean a lot if you guys could read it and lemme know what you think. Thank you!
          	I think you'd like this story: "Behind Closed Hearts " by paint_me_colourless on Wattpad


          I just saw your reading lists and spotted "AFTER"...
          It indeed is an awesome book(which btw is adapted into a movie that goes by the same name, to be releasing in the next month ).
          In case you haven't read the other books in the series, please do it(the final book, however, is not available on Wattpad completely).
          Wish u a good day!


          U know..i wanted to do u paint anyone colourless??
          Btw meet me! 
          I'm an Owl and no! I sleep at night and day too! 
          And i'm a fooddiieeee by my heart,soul, stomach,brain everything!


Hey can you please read my story DAUNTLESS or VENDETTA, I'll be returning the favour, if not I understand thanks!