¤ CURRENTLY INACTIVE (might not be someday)

¤ name: Painfulguuss / Pain

¤ lowercase intended

¤ gender: manliest of men, he/him but any is okay

¤ probably demiromantic asexual, idk though

¤ likes puns and jokes.

¤ has thousands of plot ideas, but cant be bothered to actually do any

¤ hey its been like- years since i wrote the above but i might actually do some. will crosspost to here if i ever do it.

¤ you literally cant gross me out

¤ slowly removing more and more about myself here, hmmm..

☆ Discord(active) - painfulguess#1491 (will try to respond, but am not good at holding conversations soo)
☆ Archive Of Our Own(AO3) (active) - painfulguess (thats.. it. it technically counts, might write there, etc.)

☆ 《Most Recent Fandom: DreamSMP + Hermitcraft》☆
¤Gravity Falls
¤Steven Universe
¤Harry Potter
  • mentally face down in a river
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painfulguuss painfulguuss 11 hours ago
so, if you guys hadnt noticed at this point, I'm pretty inactive. i accidentally found out that ao3 is a hundred times better than (most of) wattpad, and i dropped this app faster than i did ur mom a...
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