I can't 2020,can't walk and I don't know the year .I obsess over  FOB,ryro,MCR,rocky horror,cats,more cats Twilight ,p!nk and hoodies...you think I'm kidding u take my hoodie I cry whilst burring Ur body...
I'm ...
•into art
•like black and green...like it's to a unhealthy extent
•proud tromosexual
I hate...
•pink(not the artist shes fucking gRRREEEEEEat)
•talking Infront of people
•talking alone to people
•FIREFLYS(I can't even)
•9 in the afternoon (again I just can't with it)
•22 march,2013
•pete's new hair
•when people ask if Im okay like they care
•my father( let's just say he left before we got the chance to see the marching band)
•when people brag about having 2 bathrooms like DUDE WE GET IT
•when people turn you into the designated person you can talk to
•when people complain I hate to many things
•my actual name
•transphobics...ALL PHOBICS really(exept cluastraphobic)
And wayyyy to much crap to write down
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