Ahhh thank you for updatinggg. I was worried something might've happened to you. You're okay right??


Congratulations for almost 200k reads for ethereal bbyyy. I hope you're doing alright and will come back soon. I miss you :^)


babee i miss youu. i was reading an ongoing book and remembered about your book. i hope you'll update soon <3  and i hope you're doing well. sending loves, hugs and cheek kisses  <3333


HEY!!!!! your writing is amazing. i love ethereal so much please omg thank u sm.


The way i screamed and left all my works cause i saw that you updated. smh i'm smitten with your book. Thank you for the update <333


          I just want to say thank you for writing such an amazing story, I'm really captured by the love Dante and Rose share and can't wait to see how our sweet luna's character will develop and discover the potentials we know she has.
          Can't wait for your next update.
          Stay safe and healthy!


Pls update