Howdy there!!

My online name's Noob (or Author), and I was an old Pokémon fanfic writer reborn when I forgot my old account info! Wattpad was my 12 year old online playground, and I had a lot of fun making friends, making mistakes, and writing (the account is @Nooblyn if you wanna see it... I was baby back then though so beware haha)

I still write, and dream of being a writer someday (maybe with art involved?), but I can't promise consistent fanfic like I tried to before. I'm back to check in on my old friends though, and as for writing... I'll see what I can do :3

I'll dump some info, and then I'll leave you be:

17 - she/her - bi - ♐️ - infp - lutheran christan

I was born and raised on Pokémon, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe as my main fandoms. I also like musicals and animation/anime in general. I enjoy fantasy, historical fiction, and realistic fiction (with some romance sprinkled in here and there heh heh)


love you all, take care!!

¡in case of wattpad death! check here:

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