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alexei was born when the soviet union
was beginning to fall apart. his father,
pregnant mother, and him, lived in a shabby
hut in stalingrad. one night, while a snowy
blizzard shook their house, alexei's father
rushed to his wife's side to help her deliver
the baby. alexei, a 5 year old who was asked
to help, went outside to fetch blankets from
the shed. and while his parents brought one
life into their world, they lost another. a hungry
wolf appeared in the distance. alexei ran
until he lost his home.

THE NEXT DAY, freed prisoners of the gulag found him. his home gone, he had no other choice but to go with them. from then on,
he traveled from house to house.

HE GREW UP TO BE a russian spy for the KGB,
and then the GRU (russian military). alexei
eventually switched to the USA, and began
to work for SHIELD. he's worked there
since 2013.

besides doing his job as a serious sleeper
agent, he also keeps an eye on somebody
very special:

natasha romanoff. his little sister.

who doesn't know that they're related.
but what if SHIELD finds out?


✐ ⇰ indie alexei romanov anon
who is comic inspired !
⇰ multiship and we love
crossovers, so multifandom too.
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