Thank you so much for supporting me. 
          	Time flies so fast. It feels like a few days ago I just started writing my first fanfic story. I wrote it because I just love Yizhan so much. Never knew my story will be well accepted. 
          	Thank you my dearest bubble tea! 
          	Hope all of you will continue supporting me and my other incoming stories. Luv ya!!


@nnaj2004 congrats


@nnaj2004 congratulations autor.. U deserve it.. Keep up with ur writing n ur business too.. Muah❤️❤️


Hi Author finished reading the I Steal u from dad. Such an amazing story. The story line, the processing of both Zhan and Yibo, the friendship that show on the story the climax all in all 100% amazing. You did an incredible job Author .  I wish u can create more stories And hoping for the story of Haikuan and Cheng also. 


I added your story I’ll steal you from dad to my story list because it sounded interesting 
          Since Wattpad is removing mature stories will you be moving them to another platform?
          I just love Yizhan so much 
          Ever since I saw the untamed I was hooked


Hi dear.. Just wanna know how are you? Sorry for being nosy, but kinda worried with what you said at the end of your updates in concubine... 
          Hope life is getting better for you.. 


Hello Author I've done reading your 2 stories so far and I would like to say that they are good which it has a nice plot and the most important is I love your charactersThank you I hope you will still continue writing stories that might give inspiration to other readers like me 


@khayehikari Hello dear! Thank you so much for reading my stories! Hope you'll support my other stories too!


          My name is Sean Joe Z
          I am author who write some fiction in wattpad. I live in myanmar.Last a few day i was read yours fiction that is ''i'll steal you from dad''. I like it really and i want to be read to my country's of some people(bjyx) .So i want to translate this fiction from english to myanmar. If you let me to translate i will do it. Please let me translate your fiction from english to myanmar. When i translate this i will show you in translation who is the owner of this fiction. Just i want to translate this. 


Merry Christmas❄ Dear nnaj2004 this year I've enjoyed reading r novel and fan fiction and hope to get wonderful content next year as well