Hey guys!  Long time no see!  I'm in the process of moving ALL of my stories to my other account (where I'm much more active)  @Lana_sky  
          	Come say hi there!  Thank you all for sticking around and reading/supporting these stories.  <3


Hey nikki_say_so, how are you?
          I just finished reading the las chapter updated on your story the sweetest blood, and I wanna know if you are going to continue writing ir posting this story cos i was really expecting to read the next chapter AND when I scroll down there werent any, so could you please tell me if you decided for some personal reason, or not, to continue or not continúe the story, please? 
          Thanks in Advance, hope you are doing well 


HI! Spare a moment to give my latest supernatural romance number : BloodMoon a shot! I hope u love it! Thanks! Followed!


Is your new account Lana_sky on this website because the one I found doesn’t seem like it is you?


Honestly I liked you at your number four: "Get over yourself," Now I commence to the reading lol...