Hello Everyone! 
The best way of describing me is that I am an introvert, I love to read books because every story is so different, you get to experience the characters highs and downs along with them as if you yourself are present there. It gives wings to your imaginations.
Also you get to see a writers creativity and dreams in their stories, I am astonished at how different each writer could be while writing same story(ie. Ghostbird fanfiction).
I always wished that i could also write books but sadly i am a very impatient person while thinking of writing a book. While thinking of writing my mind jumps from one high to another high before i can even think about the details of the first high.😟😔
I have a dream of traveling the world with a backpack someday but first i have to make time to learn some kind of martial arts, so i am not that much vulnerable. I want to also learn how to iskate, some europian dance forms, swimming & a couple of different languages. Also want to try skydiving, rafting, a little mountainiring, also learn Horse Riding and Surfing.😉😉😉
Too much?????😧😧😧😰😰
Maybe!!!! 😂😂😂😂
But I hope that i get to complete my bucket list before i die, even though i do have a long and impossible list.
I know! I know! I make too many castles in the air.😇😇😇 Jeesh!!!!
But one can dream, can't they?😏😏😏😏👢💰⌚✈⏳
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