Hello and welcome to the account of Neeran Claire Zaneshi!

I am an author here, focusing mostly on FanFiction, particularly Star Wars, but I also plan to try some Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi and General Fiction original stories soon. I love many TV series (possibly too many), especially Red vs. Blue, Naruto, BBC Robin Hood, Transformers, The Witcher and Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed/ChenQingLing/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (GDC) (adaptations of the same thing) at the moment.

I am a member of @TheRebelSquad, which is an account for Star Wars fans to gather and discuss anything Star Wars.
(If you like Star War, you should join!)

You can also find me and my series on AO3 (archiveofownown.org) @Neeran_C_Zaneshi and on FanFiction.net @ Neeran C. Zaneshi.

Expect times of no updates as I am a second year University student and need to at least pass all my subjects to achieve my degree.

My update schedule, unless commitments collide with it, is as follows:
-SWRC: Mandalorian Crisis (Book 5): Every Saturday/Sunday (hopefully, when published)
- May be more later.
•**Note: Times are in Australian time.**•

Anyone who supports me by reading my books is awesome!
And, if you vote for the story, add it to a reading list or comment so I can find you, I will follow you back and check out your stories in return (assuming you have some I'm interested in)!

Feedback is greatly and enormously appreciated, so don't hesitate to ask question, vote, give tips and hints, add my stories to reading lists or just simply comment. I will always respond within two days (unless I am away from home or something like that)

May the Force be with you, We Are Robin Hood and This is the way.

Ps, if you like what someone has written but they no longer wish to hold on to it, let me know and if I like it, I will happily take the story and continue it for them, giving credit where due.
(Assuming they are in English, sorry)...
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SWRC: Mandalorian Crisis (Book 5)
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