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Hey yall, Carter here! For the new folks who's stumbled upon this page, let me introduce myself!

- I'm a fanfiction writer who mainly creates X OC/Male Reader stories. So far, the works I've made are a Danganronpa X OC/Male Reader, an ongoing RWBY X OC/Male Reader series, as well as a discontinued SAO X Male Reader.

-I'd say that my few interesting hobbies are playing basketball, socializing, reading, and writing books.

-My favorite animes are RWBY, Danganronpa, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon. My favorite game is Xenoblade Chronicles.

-I would describe myself as an extrovert. I love talking with others online and in real life.

-I encourage in the act of Constructive Criticism! If you have anything to say regards to my works, don't hesitate to let your thoughts out.

-As of today, I am 16 years old.

-I'm from Indonesia, yet I primarily speak English.

-I'm very invested into sports, primarily basketball. Loved sports as a child, still do to this day.

- My first ever experience in writing was the day I posted the 1st chapter of Son of The Prodigy, 31 August 2019. I'm not afraid to admit that my writing was terrible back then, but along the way, I've met a lot of kind and good people on this platform that were willing to help me out, and ever since then my writing has become what it is today.

-I was inspired to start making books by these writers
@CalculativeCadaver @JackiFlame @KaitoYukimuraOfRwby @JPPoole @Zer0420 @Brickhammer

- My OC is based on Apollo, the Sun God.

- Also, I forbid the act of roleplay in my works. It takes a serious moment to something comedic, and I don't like that.

@livencara ❤️❤️

With that said, I hope you enjoy my stories! Carter Out!
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