Hey, guys.
          	I hope you're all doing great. I've just uploaded another chapter of The Best Woman - go check it out and let me know what you think. I'm loving that we're getting close to some DRAMA in this book! 
          	Have the best day. Xx


@natashapreston I love your books the cellar,His, and Silence.  #LoveYourBooks


@natashapreston I LOVE THE NEW CHAPTER O.O


Before quarantine i had no idea "The Cellar" was a actual book so when I saw someone reading it I was like "ok look. Wait wha-"


Was or was not 'the Celler' about the news that happened in real life, because i did hear something like, or just like, it before...


I just finished His and The Cellar on the same day
          My heart is dead. It really was an amazing book


hi @natashapreston I need to tell you something:
          some guy by the username of /drgood is posting his phone number and email and fake information on the comment section of your story "Celler"
          I feel concerned for the people who might fall for this and I hope you can do something about it!


Hi, I found your books at a store which is The Lost and You Will Be Mine. I really fell in love with both of them. Made me want to more of your books you have published and I did came across one, The Cellar, I believe? But didn't have time to buy them since I was busy that day. Though, I forgot to look you up, like duh! Of course I should've long ago! Now I'm excited to read more of your stories! 


Hey! I was looking for book recommendations one day, and my friend let me read your book "The Lost." I immediately fell in love and just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan! Thank you so much!


You should write a second book on “the lost” it’s really good and I want to read more! I read “the cellar” & “you will be mine”


Do you thing you are going to make a sequel to “The Lost” I loved that book soo much I just finish The Celler, you are such a talented Author.