Hiya there!! 
I am a teenage girl, I have been described as the stereotypical 'golden girl' and 'a ball of sunshine'. But you know what? I don't follow stereotypes, because no two people are the same ⭐️ And you shouldn't either!

If you are feeling down, you can text me. I MEAN IT. I swear I'm a very very friendly person. I have been told I am a pretty good motivator. And I am definitely the therapist friend, but oh well. I love talking to and meeting new people. And I don't mind talking to strangers, even though the first few words I learnt were ' stranger danger'😂and note: I only talk to strangers who aren't dangers.

And I think you should know, that sometimes talking to a stranger is exactly the thing you need.
Why? Because you have nothing to lose.

My absolute favourite books are in the reading list 'legends' and you'll definitely love them.❤️❤️

I love :
Music (just learning to play an instrument)

Ps: I joined wattpad to escape reality. My family is toxic and basically don't care about me, even better, want me dead.😞 But that's alright, Instead, I can help make others smile!♥️

Btw, I have no idea who needs to hear this (or read in this case) But you kind soul, are LOVED. Don't argue. Seriously. You are beautiful and worth it. You are amazing, don't let anyone get you down.

Lots of love♥️
- Your forever best future friend if you're courageous enough to message me. Cause seriously, I'm ALWAYS the first one to message people. But that's literally life as an extrovert.
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