What's your favorite weather?
          	Your favorite story?
          	Your favorite joke?


          	  Right now take as i am of yours and the artist
          	  All 1D jokes


@sugar609 oh you're such a cutie! I'm glad you like my book! x 


@myheartsmistake (sorry for bad English I am from Holland)
          	  I really like the winter so I guess when it is snowing.
          	  My favorite story is 'the book thief' and on wattpad 'the fangirl' by @nicetomeetyou3 
          	  Joke: watch this video for jokes
          	  ps. use subtitles for understanding the first part of the video


Hey! I’m just posted a teaser for my new book “sometimes” it’s looking good, and it’s not super long, so give it a read:-) you might even want to read more


Oh my carrots !! Take me as i am is one of those incredible fanfics or rather stories i have ever read....its amazayn .... yeah i belong to one of those million dedicated directioners but i just love re great girl keep writting such stuff


IKR just finished it and it’s honestly amazing 


I'm on chapter 14 of take me as I am and I have a few things to say... I really like this book so far! I was never obsessed with One Direction, and I hadn't even gotten into their music until after a month of the start of the 'hiatus'. I relate a little bit to lots of the characters and situations, but I also get new perspectives from the characters I relate less to -- if that makes a lick of sense. You're skilled at making effective character interactions that show the personalities of the characters without always having to explain. Just wanted to say that you are good at writing and I hope you continue to! Maybe you could even give me some tips on my own story... If you ever get the chance please let me know, if not I understand. Anyway, have a fantastic day!


Oh my jeepers!  Take me as I am is incredible. I keep reading it over and over again. That's how awesome it is.