Autistic, book reading, ass kicking machine.😁

"Hi gorgeous, I'm Jerome" (Jerome V)
"It all could go insane in one bad day" (Joker)
"Why so serious?" (Joker)
"Geronimo! Allons-y!"(Doctor Who)
"Son of a BITCH" (DW)
"I'm gunna rip your throat out. With my teeth" (DH)
"I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defence ." (SS)
"Cus I'm with ya till the end of the line" (SR)(BB)
"You call it lazy, I call it selective participation"
"You know what happens when you go looking for blood? You find it"
"Always and forever" ( Michlsons)
"Hello brother" (DS)
"You didn't see that coming?" (PM)
"Kneel" (Loki)
"I'm a thousand years old you cant kill me" (Void)
"There's nothing more contagious than laughter"( Jerome V )
"You'll float too" ( Pennywise)
"ANOTHER" (Thor)
"I'm not doing get help" (Loki)
"Hi everyone" ( Peter parker/spiderman)
"I'm batman"
"Cowabunga" (Raphael)
"Hello love" (KM)
"Sorry maners, I'm Kai, pork rinds?"(KP)
"Puddin" ( HQ)
"Let's play"
"Baby I don't get into trouble, I am trouble" (LM)
"Were the peaky fucking blinders" (PB)
"Go To Sleep" (Jeff the killer)
"Language" (SR)
"Who the hell is Bucky?" (BB)
"Your all not worthy" (Thor)
"Someone certainly likes making an enterance" (PH)
"Rules of lazieness: can't reach it, don't need it."
"I'm Chucky the killer doll and I dig it!" (Chucky)
"Only dogs go for bones."
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