dear tobias is now completed


YOOOO, Red. I started under construction. just following Hemingway's advice excep the edit sober part i'd just delete it all sober.


Hi guys, it's me! Sorry that for being so MIA! My internet was being a bitch, I will be uploading my stories soon! Thank you again for voting and following and all the feedback. Love you all!


Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank all of you for the reads on 'Dear Tobias'. It means a hell lot to me, I never thought I would get this far to be honest! So, I am very grateful. I am also very happy for all the feedback I got on Tolerate and Through The Dark! Thank you all! Reading all the comments brightens up my day! 
          I would really appreciate it if you could give my story Gravity a read.
          And also check out my stories on @broken-hearts 
          So, once again THANK YOU ALL ♡


          thank you so much for adding TLLQ to your reading list ^-^
          you have no idea how much i love Dear Tobias