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My favorite non wp books
1.Night circus
2.The book thief
3.Harry potter(not by jk rowling. If you don't know it's by Daniel Radcliffe. Get your facts straight)
4.Perks of being a wallflower
5.Lord of the rings
6.Hunger games(peeta deserved better)
7.A thousand splendid suns
8. Sherlock Holmes
9. The Bell jar

Random things that you should know about me.

1.I'll read anything and everything that has enemies to lovers trope(I'm pretty critical about it tho)

2.Tangled is my comfort movie.

3.Sometimes being emotional and sensitive exhausts me so much to a point that I'm scared to even get attached to people, books, movies or anything that can have an effect on me

4.Merry go round of life makes me cry like a baby

5. Men who paint their nails>>>>

6. I love lofi hip-hop.I can live within those tunes

7.I have a thing for long elegant hands(in a very non sexual way) like I can watch them for hours(I promise I don't have have pretty hands stored in formalin filled bottles in my basement)

8.I over think and over analyze everything

9.My biggest fantasy is to be enemies with a hot guy and then dance with him sexily to Michael bublé's 'Sway'😳

10. I think you're a beautiful person inside out. Maybe I've a crush on you😍🙈🙈

Things you should do if you're reading this

1. Watch pan's labyrinth if you still haven't watched it(like wtf are you doing in your life if you don't know about that masterpiece)
2. Take care of yourself
3. Stay hydrated

And if you're still reading this you must be super interested in knowing me😏🙈

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