Hi I love your book behind iron defences and was wondering will you be updating it or has it been discontinued hehe eagerly waiting for the next chapter though 


It will be getting updated eventually. The next chapter is half done but I have not been able to get to it with everything else going on. The pandemic and lockdown hasn’t been nice, on multiple levels.


Please please please update Not even Time can separate us. It is an amazing book with an amazing concept and if you could update soon that would be amazing. ❤


Hey it's been awhile since we last heard from you and that's ok I just had gotten worried because of the post you write at the end of behind iron defences and with everything that has been going on. I just wanted to check up on you and see if you are doing ok? I'm sorry that this is public I didn't know how to pm you but I felt like someone should check and make sure you're ok and to tell you that all your fans can wait and that all your fans love you and just wany to make sure that you are good and that you are taking care of yourself especially in times like this.


Hiya! Can you check my book of WEASLEY TWIN FAN FICTION? It is called Love Me Like You Do
          Cheers, Shiya
          Have a great day/night