a message for my followers who are women of color:
          	a couple of my friends and i are working on this zine by woc for woc (artsy woc! angsty woc! queer woc!). it's called ascend and was created by the amazing malak. we're open to submissions and are looking for ppl to join the team.
          	submissions can be visual art, prose, poetry, thinkpieces, speculative writing, articles, open letters, interviews, etc. if you're interested in participating, we highly encourage you to!!!!
          	dm me for more info or email ascendmagazine@gmail.com
          	thanks 4 reading my lovelies,


So confession time??? I have fallen in love with you and your beautiful, beautiful writing?? For real thi, you are actually a goddess, I worship thee lol. Notice me, senpai? Allow me to stutter in graditute for changing your world.♡♡♡


i love ur writing and it really inspires me, i aspire to be as good as you !! if you have any tips or advice or if you wanna check out my writing and give me an opinion i'd be super grateful!! xx