This girl name is Lily, living in the one of the houses in the Philiphines, Too dramatic with the euphoric music, drowning in every words i reading, a witch who wants to be an angel, friending with butterflies, dreaming to be a cupid, and working to be one of the stars.

"Pretty on the inside".
-Beautiful can describe as YOU too, you know?

I entertain myself reading/writing books, and listening to music.

•I accidentally stole his heart: (pjm)- on going/

모두가 잠든 밤에 피는 꽃도 있어.

Fighting ~!
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Story by 리리
I Accidentally Stole His Heart. by minlylylyn
I Accidentally Stole His Heart.
Kang Ella or known as Indigo Sky, The unknown thief and a collage student, and one of the Members of the Blac...
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