When you’re sick as balls 


Whoa I'm sick too


oof im sick too


Okay my sweet friends I came up with a little schedule for my upcoming artbook (just to keep myself organised and so you all know what will come each day~). Check it out! ⬇️
          Sunday: probably no posts, I usually work all day™️
          Monday: a piece of digital art for you viewing pleasure 
          Tuesday: some art of my any of my oc’s,, or I can do some of yours~ 
          Wednesday: an update on my AP art 3 class
          Thursday: progress on any projects I’m working on lately for portfolio/classes 
          Friday: a little comic to help start off the weekend 
          Saturday: any personal projects I may have to show you✌️✌️
          Also once every month I will post a project that I have made with materials from my Sketchbox (I’ve already gotten quite a few, but with the supplies from each month, I can make something for you all!) and with the finished product, I’ll put in photos of the materials that I had to use ^^
          Hope you guys like the schedule system! New book will be out ASAP!! 


Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well! I’m going to start commissioning, so if you’re interested, please pm me! I’ve set up a PayPal and I’m going to put up the description and prices of commissions and stuff (along with what I won’t do) in my art book asap. And if interested, I’ll link my PayPal to you ^^