How would you guys feel about a giveaway involving Imperial and Slate?????


Omg that sounds great  would love that 


Hi, I just wanted to say I love your books. You are so talented. Your “Always You” was the only Tom social media book I could read for a while. I love your “Silver” series. Luna and Percy are adorable. (But my favorite character is Arrow.)
          Stay safe and healthy!  


Awe thank you so much! Much love!❤️


Hey guys, I promise updates will be coming. If you don’t already know I live in Pittsburgh, PA and we’re had a lot of changes this week regarding COVID-19. I’m currently moving out of school since we went online and I’m in the process figuring things out. Once we get settled into this new reality of isolation I’ll be back with updates.
          For now, please please PLEASE practice social distancing, isolation, and washing your hands and keeping up with the guidelines set forth by the CDC and WHO.
          I love you guys 3000. Stay safe and stay healthy. 


Hey! How r u doing? I hope your doing great.
          So, i was just wondering if or when you'll update Silver 4.
          Love, my weird self