Hi there everyone, hope everyone is safe and doing well. May God take this pandemic away from us soon. 
          	So, I have been missing, I know but I do jump in sometimes. Quarantine made me bore so I decided to give Wattpad another try.
          	Posting Beast and the Beauty with some changes. Hope you will read it and give me anither chance.
          	Thank you for the support.
          	 Stay safe.


@mikaelanay  so nice to know that you are safe and sound, it's these recent days that I began to read your books, hope to get in touch with you always, I am Jane, an editor from ReadMe


@mikaelanay I miss reading your books! Glad your back! Take care of yourself and welcome back!


          " The Distance maybe far and wide but my heart can cover them all ." 
          " The Space between US is so much more but you should know that I LOVE YOU SO . " 
          Story of Two CEOs . They close but still apart . The reason they came close was the pandemic .
          And The reason they were apart was the pandemic .
          Stay safe yall . Please do Read the story if yall like it vote and share .
                   - Aprajita & Ishita


I don't know what to say about your books, cos I jxt started reading them and have finished lyk five and they re so sososo AWESOME. I don't know what to say but teach me ur way girl.:)


Hi, I just want to know if the Bad Boy In Glasses is already finished on Radish? I want to start reading it but only once it's complete for good. Because I know the season 2 is there but I don't know if that's it or there's gonna be more. I don't want to re-start reading it if is still incomplete. Because honestly I read until chapter 99 season 2 and couldn't bring myself to keep reading it, I wanted to throw my phone so I promise myself to come back only when the story was finished for good.


heyyyyy. do check out my story, it's not very bore-y. and maybe you'll even like the book. go on, have a look.


Hi, I love your work it’s so good but I do agree with the others, the chapters are too short! Literally spent all of my coins without noticing doing so because there are like  5 chapters revolving around one scene! I’m sorry but as much as the plot is beautiful I’m not going to continue paying money for like 3 paragraphs a chapter
          Also, you’re focusing on way too many characters and way too many conflicts we want to know more about violet and gage because they are the main characters!
          Please take this into consideration 
          I love the story and I do want to find out what happens eventually but I also want keep some coins in my pocket 
          Thank you!


Hi please can you read the comments on radish it's so sad that you're ruining the plot and characters just for money.