| About Me |
My name is Darrian
Big marvel fan
Big IT fan
I'm currently watching stranger things, hamilton, adventure time, and reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians
-Hades cabin 13-
My lovely girlfriend corrina🏳️‍🌈
Fuck Trump🖕🏼🖕🏿😊
Does someone want to adopt me? I'm in a town full of trump supporters.
All lives cant matter until black lives matter
Along with Muslims, Hispanics, Natives, Asians, etc.
A fellow supporter and part of the LGBTQ+
Rape jokes aren't funny😐
Disabilitys aren't to be made fun of
Wear a mask! Don't be a karen
I welcome everyone to my page!
I dont judge anyone about anything at all, unless u don't support what I have stated on my page.
Incest, Religion, kink, race, identity, body count, crimes, Decisions, etc.
My dm's are always open
If you ever need to talk, or you need advice, I will help.
Please know your not alone.
I wont tell anyone anything if you tell me!
I keep whatever you dm me about a secret unless your comfortable getting help.
If you dont have anything nice to say on my page dont say it
| some band's/singers I like |
Panic! At the disco
Girl in red
The weekend
Melanie Martinez
Taylor swift
Mother mother
Penelope Scott
Tessa violet
Billy joel
David bowie
Sia ( I only listen to sia for her words of encouragement. Sia is a ableist and she has a new movie coming out. In the movie there is a autistic girl and she had tried to have a autistic girl play the role but when they started filming the environment was to much and the actress with autism had a breakdown. Instead of trying to change the environment so it is comfortable for the actress she gets rid of the actress and uses a girl without autism instead, Maddie Zeigler. Sia is a ableist and I do not support her in anyway but the music industry)

I follow everyone back
Snapchat| darrian_h2019
Instagram| darrianhamm715
Discord| michi715 #3830

*Agent Darrian of the P.P.P.S*
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