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Hi dear
          It'll be very much appreciated if you could check out my book titled 'kamara' on my profile. I can't guarantee you'll like it but I'm very much confident in my writing. I hope you decide to check it out, thank you.


Hey there lovelies
          Hope you all are safe
          Wouldn't want anything to happen to any of you
          Obey the rules, stay at home and stay safe
          We'll get through this


Hello there wattpaders
          I'm back!!!
          I'm sorry to all the readers out there for waiting so long before releasing the next chapter
          But I've made a new month resolution and I'm gonna stick to it
          Enjoy the next chapter!


Wassup fam
          I know I haven't been consistent in posting some of the chapters, but that's because my semester just started out and the work load was more than I could ask for.
          I will still have time for my book and for all of you. Even if I don't have time I will make out time, lol. Thank you so much for understanding, and have a lovely day.


I'm so sorry to all the team's out there( team swan, team Paul, team Dermot) I know I'm a bad person. I haven't posted the next chapter yet and I'm so sorry. By tomorrow it'll be out. Thank you so much for understanding. 


Team Dermot all the way!!!


Don't even know where I fit in ever since swan came on the team
            Magic's cool and all but you can't fight what you can't see


@micheal_achonye take your time bro
            It's Wattpad
            We love the suspense you writers give us