im sorry i haven’t been updating for a while! i haven’t been feeling the best, but hopefully this passes soon so i can update for you guys (:


Take your time and feel better!!! Wishing u the best!!!


Hey author! Just wanted to check up on you! It’s been about 3 months since your last update, we’re kind of worried :(. Just let us know that you’re okay! Don’t worry about updating, just let us know that you’re healthy and feeling better mentally!! Lots of love from your fellow czennies 


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hello my loves!~
          i hope you’ve all heard about the wattpad breach. due to it, i have yet to decide if i’ll be moving over to ao3. if i do move to ao3, i’ll consider still posting chapters here for my books considering i have a lot of readers who look forward to the upcoming chapters.  time after time, i’ve heard users drafts/books being deleted and this time our information was given away, so i highly encourage anyone who has books published or in their drafts to BACK THEM UP!! 
          stay safe loves! <3


okay but drop that ao3 @ if u do 


i finallyyyy got twitter after like forever (lowkey kind of confused and scared lol) but i’ll probably be posting like chapter spoilers and little comics/art of my books there! i recently drew markhyuckri and their acting/party outfits so we’ll see if i post it lol


I’mma follow you :)