Damn, it's been 4 years since I started Wattpad. It's strange to think about how time has flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was writing Red String, and totally obsessed with this fandom. 
          	Unfortunately, time has gone by and as have interests. This show no longer holds the same effect it used to. While I still enjoy writing, and the stories I have written, I barely have time to write anymore, especially since I am now in college, constantly writing for my homework assignments. 
          	And because of my lack of interest in the show, or rather the lack of time to get caught up in the new episodes, I've been make promises that I can't keep, such as updates. 
          	I am so sorry for doing that to you guys, but truth be told, I barely know when I can see my boyfriend the next time, let alone when I can write a new chapter or watch an episode of MLB. So this is not a good bye. 
          	Rather, this is just a break. Time for me to find if I still want to write for this fandom, or if I still can. 
          	I have been, and forever will be thankful to you guys, and it's because of your support and love that I will not give up on this account. This is honestly one of the only places that I have ever felt fully accepted and like I have a talent. So thank you. 
          	I'll see you soon, but until then, 
          	-Taylor Alexis


@marichat_sins I've been reading your past work. It's amazing and I hope you keep updating but I understand if you don't. I've done the same thing before


@marichat_sins hope you have a nice break!
          	  Well deserved too, tho I'm sad we're losing one of the greatest members of the fandom. Hope you have luck with collage! 


@marichat_sins thank you for sharing your talent for writing with us. I enjoyed reading your books so much! 


PLS UPDATE CASUAL KISSES!! i will do anything. please please please. i will literally venmo u $$$. i’m obsessed. pls pls pls update. 


          So I don't know if you're still on a break or not, but I read Red String and I really loved it, so I want to translate it to my language, Hungarian, to help you and you're account (and of course, to help Hungarians who doesn't know english). I will give credit and mention you, so no one will think I wrote it! 
          If you don't give me permission, I'm perfectly fine with that, I understand it!
          Thank you for reading, I hope you have a beautiful day! 


I've just binged the red string series for like the 4th time this year, and it never ceases to amaze me that you can wrote so well! I love the books so much! Keep it up! ♥️


Hi!! İts me A marichat fan! I'm from Turkey. And i am reading some english books on wattpad. When i saw you and your books, i said "WOAH, oh my god, -etc- ." Your books are my still favorite. I am so Lucky. Cause i meet with YOU! And after i read your books, i understand this is what i really need in my life. Thank you  ^w^


Is this account dead or no? I don’t mean to be rude if you’re on Hiatus or something but i see you haven’t updated in a while and I kinda wanna know what’s up if you wouldn’t mind? Cuz Casual Kisses seems like a good read but if you don’t plan to continue it I don’t wanna start reading it. 


@JJ_Katty22 but are you still planning on continuing Casual Kisses


@JJ_Katty22 but are you still planning on continuing Casual Kisses


@JJ_Katty22 I’ve been on hiatus. If you scroll down further, you can read why.