in this world, it’s just us.


I want you by my side
          So that I never feel alone again
          They've always been so kind
          But now they've brought you away from here
          I hope they didn't get your mind
          Your heart is too strong anyway
          We need to fetch back the time
          They have stolen from us
          And I want you
          We can bring it on the floor
          You've never danced like this before
          We don't talk about it
          Dancin' on do the boogie all night long
          Stoned in paradise, shouldn't talk about it
          Yeah, we never talked about how much i love you, mare.


"Bazen aklım almıyor; onu yalnızca ben, hem de öylesine içten, öylesine dolu dolu severken, ondan başka hiçbir şey görmez, bilmezken, ondan başka hiçbir varlığım yokken, nasıl olur da onu bir başkası da sever, sevebilir?"
          Genç Werther'in Acıları