"I wanna be 5 again," the older brunette spoke up. It was seriously random.

The younger one scoffed, "Now, why on earth would you want to be five again?" Her British accent was clearly heard.

The other younger one bursted out laughing.

"Well, Arden, Jaime, let's go through the portal. I'm pretty sure being a dwarf on that side can help that statement," the older one spoke seriously.

"Fine fine, let's go," Jaime states as they gather their things.

"Yes! I can be 5 again!"

. . .

Hello, I'm Bree.
~I'm bisexual with a preference of Girls~
15 years of age

my friends:
•💕 @Gaymer_Savi 💕((she is literally my other half))
@Alice_-_-Cullen ((she is amazing))
@RoyallyRaime ((they are my good friend :) ))
@EliasIsTiedToATree ((anxeity buddy))
@Leon-my_oc ((she is wonderfull))
@ShelbyCain703 ((my irl sister :))

I write fanfictions, original stories, and if you want I can even write your story, just ask and give me details.

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my old username was @bree_is_weird_02
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