Smile~Its a sunnah☺️

These three things are the most important things in life: Live,Love,Laugh.😊♥😂

One of the most important tips to never forget in life no matter what:NEVER SAY 'NO' TO AN ADVENTURE, ALWAYS SAY 'YES' OTHERWISE YOU'LL LIVE A VERY DULL LIFE!♥-Ian Fleming...

Kindness is like snow,it beautifies everything it covers.

Proud muslimah💕

Hijabi~الحمد الله
Niqabi~الحمد الله

Love reading and exploring .

Tell me to bake a thousand cakes in a day and I'm up for it!😉

Started my new book on Monday 7th September 2020.
Show some love and check it out.

His Hoor💝

Liverpool is the best forget about the rest🔥ynwa🔥

Outdoor person.

Animal lover!♥♥😍

Call me crazy but isn't that one of the most important thing in life? If you're not're not human!

I'm not an alien, and I don't bite!

Though I can be fierce as a Lion at times if you mess with my family, me and my friends...

Love the Nature!

Chocolate is my middle name.🍫

الحمد الله على كل حال
(الحمد الله
~alhamdullilah ~for everything)🥰
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lovesamia lovesamia Sep 29, 2021 08:27PM
Asalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhHope you're all doing well with the hukkam of Allah.So I know I've been Mia recently but I've gotten a good explanation.As I said major writers block And...
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