This is the book..incase any of you cant find it.


If you guys like pietro from marvel you shouod check out this book bu@juptersmoons. Its really good ( and i can say theres a lot of good details and chapters to come in it) its called Emotions. I won't spoil anything but syaing that its a really great book by a really great writer.


@-XxPwettyStwellaxX- I posted it above this one:) hope you like it


I absolutely love “Mrs Malfoy by Law” (first book) It’s súper original but I would’ve like more mean full moments between the characters and of course... more spice. I think the book has a lot of potential and I absolutely love it! Have a nice day! ✨


hi!! not to self-promote but i have a draco malfoy x oc/reader named delicate. it’d be lovely if it got to 1k. please read it and give it a chance!