Im definitely the worst! Im sorry guys! After I got covid, my entire family slowly followed suit and while I am glad to say we have all recovered at this point, it made it hard to concentrate when we were all sick over the holidays.
          	I have so much to tell everyone about but first thing first: my stories.
          	The plan is the same. I want to finish Vera soon so I can move on to the next story. I also have a surprise to make up for being away so long so... check back this week to catch it.
          	Thanks always for your patience and support. 
          	Happy New Year!


@losautenticos take your time love❤Wish you all the best❣


@losautenticos A very Happy new year!! I am glad that you all recovered. May this year brings a lot of joy and happiness in your life. Be safe, happy and content. All the best wishes. I am sure you gonna rock your book. ❤❤


@losautenticos take your time.your well being is more important than anything else. 


Does the book An Echo in the Mafia contain smut? Or any explicit sex scenes? I just wanted to confirm before hand. No offense please 


you are an amazing author and so inspirational I love how you express your emotions in your books and it is so mindblowing that there are authors like you out there with so much potential and influence towards other writers I really hope you do not stop writing and doing what you love you have fabulous skills and they should be noticed I just wanted to say I love your work so very much and I hope you never stop doing what you want to achieve remember to dream high never low and always think to yourself that nothing is impossible just challenging


Hi hows it going?....hope you're good..... I was wondering hhmmm..updates..on....Maru's......I don't mean to pressure you....but its been long...I miss reading it..
           take care


Are you doing all right? I know I'm kind of being intrusive, but you haven't updated for a while and I got worried . . .


I hope you come back.... I really would like you to finish Maru and Marc's story