Sorry I've been slacking I still update dear everyone as soon as possible!!!! 


Hi, I created this new account in wattpad and I started a fanfic about Luke Hemmings, I've only posted the introduction but I have a ton of chapters ready to be posted! Could you please read and if you like vote? I'm ashamed of myself for begging for reads but I would be so happy if this fic become somehow successful! It would really make my day! Ly ❤️


just wanted to say, you made me cry at midnight when I read both your parts to 'Dear Daddy'. I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate you for doing that to me but it was a great book.


Ahh I’m surprised people still read my stories. I wrote those when I was thirteen and am now eighteen so you can probably guess the embarrassment I feel 


Hey it would be awesome of any of you guys could check out the 5SOS fanfiction I'm writing!!