hey whores

i have never dated @cricketycrick

the marauders series by pengiwen is the best thing ever

black lives still fucking matter

they/he/she | lesbian | gemini sun | capricorn moon | leo rising | infp

get the fuck off my page if you are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, a trumpie, prolifer, etc

• folklore supremacy
• cardigan >>>>

• marauders era is better than golden trio era
• marauders series by pengiwen is better than hp
• madly in love with maryrose, lily, marlene, mary, dorcas, and all the ocs riley and i made
• frank longbottom enthusiast
• jily | wolfstar | regrose | jegulus | fralice | dorlene
• linny | romione | hinny | snettigrew | pavender
• i hate draco, snivelly, dumbledore, tom, joanne etc
• president of the snape and dumbles hate club
• pahwfahwwndjp
• daniel radcliffe is the author of hp

-tvd | to
• klaroline | delena | haylijah | bonzo | kolvina | freelin bonora
• "if we're destined to meet each other in another life, just know i'll be waiting for another dance"
• klaus, freya and caroline supremacy
• tvd 3x14 is the best episode change my mind

-pjo | hoo
• leo is the best of the new five we meet in hoo
• jason is annoying
• percabeth

• pietro&yelena supremacy
• i cant accept the fact that nat and tony are dead
• i blame the kid and clint for pietro's death
• shuri is a queen
• i'm in love with wanda
• loki has my heart

- 5sos kinda
#1 english love affair stan

• louie | larrie
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