Hardcore anime fan (the term otaku is fine but it is seriously so rude so don't slam that in my face or I'll shove Joy's big dick energy in your crusty ass.)

Did I mention that I love k-pop? I love both boy and girl groups equally so don't @me for being fans of them. There's too much groups to mention so I'll just mention some of ma faves. F(x), RV, Loona, SNSD, Monsta X, iKON, BTS and Super Junior.

I play wayyyyyy too much games and I need to cut down on playing haha.
Onmyouji Arena and MLBB are just the most common ones I play everyday since they are on my phone haha. The last time I remembered, I was top 7 global Hilda and Lolita and my favorite characters in OA are Kuro Mujou, Yasha and a damn expensive S-Rank guy that I forgot the name of.

I use to be a hugeeee fan of Vain Glory and I was once in the top 10 global Malene, Celeste, Ozo, Kestrel and Gwen user but ehhhh I stopped ranking and my rank dropped haha. (Yes my main for MLBB is usually tanks but on games that my friends rarely play, I play my fort which are mages and marksmen because my friends can't play tank ;-;)

I've read too much books both on wattpad and on kindle/paperback that I know all the Fifty Shades of Gray references in romance novels (trust me, they do get extremely boring haha)

I love C-Drama and K-Drama. Nuff' said.
The one I'm currently watching is called 三生三四十里桃花 or Eternal Love.
I know too much so excuse me if I squeal like a baby when people mention the names of the dramas I love.
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