Good morning lovelies!
          	These past couple weeks have been an extreme adjustment on my end as I find a new balance to home schooling my two special needs kiddos while working and squeezing in writing time. It has been quite difficult and my heart goes out to all the parents in the same boat. 
          	However, I have managed to pen a new chapter for CCU and hope to scratch out more writing time as I go. So please enjoy the latest chapter 'Petty Farting Dragons' 


@krazydiamond I feel your pain and am thinking of you. I'm hoping I can carve out some time in May. April has been a bust for me. Thanks again for all your help with Werks! It made the showcase and that's definitely to do with your sharp eye and great advice. I still haven't completed all the edits (blerg) but I will soon. Thank you. take care.


I feel you! Sending you super word writing vibes so when you get a minute you can pack twenty minutes worth of writing into it :) 


@krazydiamond This is where a life-size hamster wheel would really come in handy. Stay strong!


If anyone could check out my book Trust Thy Heart and vote for it if they enjoy it that would be amazing. Feel free to leave comments as well, if you would like. Thank you! I am a 14 year old aspiring author and it would mean the world to me if you at least check it out. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dreams.