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 Hi! Sorry for posting my story here. But if you have a time. Please read my story. Kahit hindi siya ganun ka ganda kagaya ng ibang author. But  tinatry ko po yung best ko sa pagsusulat. Thank you po for apprecaiting my thoughts ♥️
 "Just be with you" 


Hi there! Sorry for plugging my story here, but if you have some time, feel free to read my first ongoing story. 
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Hiii baguhan lang akong writer and I published my first story. Ongoing padin siya. Please check it out during your free time. 
          Under The Surface:


Hi i would like to promote my stories. We belong together and See You Again. Votes and comments are highly appreciated. Thanks! 


Hello po! If you have time please read my story. Thank u in advance po.
          Title: A to Z, You Don't Love Me
          Genre: Romance and Teen Fiction
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