hey i'm julia-maria :) 
(yes, i'm hispanic, dominicans riseee) africanamerican/dominican and yes i speak spanish pls stop asking me reeee

sports are kinda my life lmao i play:
football - main sport (kicker/runningback/safety)
basketball (point/wing)
volleyball (setter/outside hitter)
softball (centerfielder/catcher)
lacrosse (midfield/attack)

on top of that im also a CNCO fan and kpop fan lol so heres that part:

I didn't slip into the kpop life I tripped and fell off of a cliff *still to this day floating in a black abbyss* anyways my ult bias is Jongdae and my ult group is EXO, but I stan so many groups I don't think I'll even be able to list them all lmao....but yeh im just your average teenage girl who is afraid of commitment (in case you're wondering why I dont have any books published, that's why) oof
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