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Hello! greeting everyone! I am kojic weller with a penname of @kojic_soap, I love creating scenarios on my head and I made them into stories. I love writing teen-fiction, romance, fantasy and sometimes a fan-fiction. Writing isn't just my hobby, it's my escape from my stressful day. I am not a good writer, I am learning day by day and I am willing to learn writing even if it take a life time.

I already finished a lot of story not just here in wattpad but also in facebook, I started writing in 2016 on facebook all of them are teen-fiction and fan-fiction. Then I started writing here in Wattpad on February 2020 but this is my third account as something happened to the first and second one.

here are some of my stories in this account.

1. NES #5: Million Fingerprint. (under editing)

•Pain Of Broken Promises (completed)

WAVE SERIES: #1: Admiring Its Glorious Miracle (ongoing)
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Stories by Kojic Weller
Pain Of Broken Promises by kojic_soap
Pain Of Broken Promises
(completed) "A broken promise will always be painful," -Faithlyn Angelica Clemente date started: De...
Admiring It's Glorious Miracle  by kojic_soap
Admiring It's Glorious Miracle
Wave Series #1 "I choose to admire him from afar rather than holding him but also hurting him," -Ji...
NES #5: Million Fingerprints (Under Revision) by kojic_soap
NES #5: Million Fingerprints (Unde...
(Completed - under revision) "I have all the things you need, if you're a king then I am your crown's ni...
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