🌸 |  "You were born to be real not to be perfect" - Min Yoongi  | 🌸

Do you ever wonder why ATEEZ are so chaotic.


Do you ever wonder why Jungkook becomes Jungshook.

'Cause I sure do.

Anyways, Hi I'm Rose, I am a k-pop multi stan. My ult groups are BTS, TWICE, ATEEZ, BLACKPINK, NCT, and AESPA

I've been a k-pop fan since 2018, I also ship Jikook, and love writing. Ever since I could remember I was always obsessed with writing, I would always beg my family to get me notebooks to write in. Because I love both writing, and Jikook, I have decided to write Jikook FF's.

I hope everyone enjoys reading my stories. Feel free to comment on my stories, I would love some feedback.

I hope everyone stays happy, and healthy.

Bye. 💜💙💛

Oh and More and More SOTY, :)

- Rose
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