Happy Pride Month!!!<33333


I just wanted to grab your attention to my stories. There is an arranged marriage story, a teen romance, a young adult, and some mafia stories I have been working on, one of them is completed and others are ongoing.
          You can find a link to them on my profile here @SabhyataSahu 
          Once again, I'm sorry for intruding. Have a nice day ahead.!!!!


Klaus Mikaelson 


          Heyy ! My name is Scarlet  and I’ve been working really hard on my new story CHASING RIVER.❤️ it would mean the absolute world  to me if you could please check it out for me. I really would appreciate it. It’s on my other account @xlonelylightswritesx ❤️xx             
          At Saint Katherine’s academy of the arts I can assure you that everyone’s carrying around a dirty little secret- especially River Kennedy. ☁️ 


*clears throat* here is a psa for people with no brain. 
          Klaus= Daddy
          There is no other way besides damon, but I just wanted to announce that no other man shall hold the great power that Klaus does.


Ummmm and Kai maybe Elijah but after that no other men can compare 


Hey love❤️ I hope you’re doing okay during this time. There’s a mystery and drama book I would love it if you could please check out 
          “ Secrets In The City” it’s really good. 
          @FortuneEddie is the author. There’s mystery comedy drama romance it has everything. I know you’ll enjoy it and I would love to hear your opinion on it.