hey guys, just a little life update here :)
          	I'm currently at uni! I never thought I would get here because I deal with a rlly bad anxiety disorder but here I am!! I log in to Wattpad every so often and see all of your lovely messages, I'm sorry I can't reply to them all but just know they're appreciated so much!!
          	It's so crazy to see that some of my books are still trending after so long! :') I'm so happy you guys enjoy them. I just tried to reread a few fics and I had to stop because of the cringe lmao, but as long as other people enjoy them I'm happy :)
          	Obviously I'm busy with life atm but writing will always hold a special place in my heart. I'd love to get back into it again and I'm SO determined to pick it up as a hobby again. 
          	Anyways...I really hope you guys are doing good. Please talk to someone if you're not feeling too great and just know you're not alone.
          	Until I login again (probably in a few months lol), I'll see you guys later. Anna <3


@kkaebsongkaisoo good luck babes! ily


@kkaebsongkaisoo ♡♡♡♡♡♡


Hi author-nim I just read your book and i loved it so muchhh❤️ you inspired me to write too. 
          So I would really appreciate if you can read my moving on jungkook ff too and see how you like it? ❤️ 
          Thank youuu ❤️


Help this kpop fan here
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