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Hey!! If anyone is looking for a new Harry Styles fanfic to read while you’re waiting for an update or just looking to get into a new story, you should check out this new authors first book!!! Its dark and mature but a great read!!


I was wounding if I have permission to  make a print out copy of she’s not afraid


hey guys, girls and my non-binary pals! I wanted to make a quick promo for my first book :)) It's called Orphic and trust me you're gonna love it! It's about dark Harry and yes it will involve smut *winky face*  (which will be veryy awkward for me to write but ehh it's fine) 
          Anyywayss pls do check it out and cmon go tell your friends about it too i.e if you have any unlike me :/ :) 
          ilysm ♡
          TPWK :))


Hi I'm posting temptress and tempted by Ella on my page here in wattpad. I want no drama it's just ik these stories were comfort books for many. So I guess we can separate the artist from the art and enjoy it just the same as before. Thank you 
          P.s read it while it lasts don't know when wattpad might delete it.


Hi! I hope i'm not annoying but can you guys please check my new hs books please x