And mom thinks I'm studying......*sighs*

•Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed!!

•She/her , 18, Aries , Asian, infp-t

•friendly, ambivert, bibliomaniac,

•A professional over thinker, daydreamer, fake scenario creator and a procrastinator

•Social butterfly and a loner too

• sapiosexual

• a hopeless romantic girl

•mythology enthusiast

• obsessed with moon and star

•Nocturnal creature and a cranky morning person

•half devil half angel

•love Vampire diaries
(Unhealthy obsession with vampires and wolves )

• i Love to play piano and guitar
(In love with classical and Chinese music instruments)

(Scent of books fascinates me more than chanel.5 perfume)

•cold coffee

•aesthetic type= dark academia🤎

•gothic style

•Kpop and kdrama/Cdrama enthusiastic💜💜

•anime, comics (webtoons)

•A huge nature and animal lover

• i'm a human and if that's not interesting enough, then don't talk to me

•living example of the phrase "highly disappointed but not Surprised"

•let's run away to another city, change our identities and overthink about life.

• medicine, law, business, engineering these are Noble pursuit and necessary to sustain life
But poetry, beauty, romance Love these are what we stay alive for💕

•we are all a little gay

i wish i was a Greek statute....

Let's be friends? Please *puppy eyes*

-If you're a homophobic, racist and sexist then fuck off and kindly slam your head on a wall before i poke your eyes out.

-all lives matter , treat everyone with respect!!!
  • spread kindness not legs🌚🤚
  • JoinedFebruary 20, 2020

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A good friend is like a good bra....•Hard to find•Supportive•Comfortable•Always lifts you up•Makes you look better•And always... Close to your heart!! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡@Tracingalaxies@moon_kxller_...
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